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Places to visit in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura, one of the jewels of the Canary archipelago, is known for its golden sandy beaches, volcanic landscapes and rich local culture. Every corner of this island offers a unique and memorable experience for visitors. Let me present you a selection of my most recommended places to visit in Fuerteventura.

What to visit in Fuerteventura?

Fuerteventura, the second largest island of the Canary archipelago, emerges in the Atlantic as a natural and cultural treasure of unparalleled beauty. Known for its golden sandy beaches that stretch along the coast, this volcanic paradise captivates visitors from all over the world. However, this island is not just about sand and sun. It is also home to a rich history, deep-rooted traditions and unique biodiversity.

From its geological formation to its vibrant present, Fuerteventura invites explorers to discover its unique charm. We will then delve into the treasures that make Fuerteventura an incomparable destination, exploring its beaches, nature reserves and cultural heritage. Immerse yourself in the essence of this Canary Island and get ready to discover a world of wonders in Fuerteventura.

  1. Corralejo Natural Park

Located on the northern tip of the island, the Corralejo Nature Park is a protected area that is home to impressive sand dunes. These dunes, which stretch for more than 10 kilometres, offer an almost desert-like landscape. They are also ideal for sports such as kitesurfing and windsurfing. In fact, its crystal-clear waters and white sand make Corralejo one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.

  1. Betancuria and the Archaeological Museum

The picturesque village of Betancuria, located in the centre of Fuerteventura, is a haven of peace and an important cultural centre. Here you will find the Archaeological Museum of Fuerteventura, where you can discover the island’s rich history, from the aboriginal Mahos to the arrival of the European colonisers. Betancuria’s surroundings also offer stunning panoramic views and the charming Church of Santa Maria.

  1. Cueva del Llano, a highlight to visit in Fuerteventura

This impressive cave, located in the municipality of Villaverde, is one of the island’s natural wonders. Known for its spectacular underground gallery, Cueva del Llano is a unique experience for speleology lovers. And, of course, also for those looking to delve deep into the bowels of Fuerteventura.

  1. Cofete Beach

For those looking for a different kind of getaway and a unique experience, Cofete Beach is an unmissable place. Located in the southwest of the island, this kilometre-long beach offers stunning scenery, surrounded by mountains and cliffs. Although access can be a little challenging, the effort is worth it to enjoy the tranquillity and natural beauty that this place offers.

  1. Pájara and the Church of Nuestra Señora de Regla

The village of Pájara, with its traditional Canarian architecture, is another treasure of Fuerteventura. The Church of Nuestra Señora de Regla stands out, an outstanding example of the religious architecture of the islands. In addition, the rural setting of Pájara is perfect for exploring the local culture and enjoying the authenticity of life on Fuerteventura.

  1. El Cotillo and its Lagunas, another must-see in Fuerteventura

El Cotillo, in the north of the island, is known for its stunning lagoons with crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. It is a paradise for snorkellers and divers. Here, nature is shown at its best, creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

  1. Puerto del Rosario and the Salt Museum

Fuerteventura’s capital, Puerto del Rosario, offers a blend of traditional charm and modernity. The Salt Museum is a must-see to understand the importance of the salt industry in the island’s history. In addition, the promenade and the relaxed atmosphere of the town make Puerto del Rosario a pleasant place to stroll around and enjoy local life.

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In short, to explore Fuerteventura is to immerse yourself in a world of natural beauty, rich history and cultural authenticity. Each of these places offers a unique experience that contributes to the magic of this Canary Island. Now that you know what to visit in Fuerteventura, you may be wondering where best to stay.

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