Surfing Day at Villa Turquesa

Let's go surfing!

Surfing is undoubtedly one of the Canary islands’ top outdoor activities. We can help you choosing among lots of certified surf schools that teach high professionally at all levels and ages, from beginners to very advanced ones, individually or in small groups. Experienced instructors will take you to new heights. You'll learn more in three hours than you thought possible, all while having fun from beginning to end with waves foaming and racing around you. In few hours time also beginners will be able to stand up on the board and just live this exiting experience.
You will wake up in the tranquillity with the sun lights offering you a new energy. You can have breakfast in the garden, front pool with the magic landscape of volcanos. Then hop on a jeep at the property entrance and in a few minutes you will get to one of the best beaches of all Canary Island where your surfboard is waiting for you.
I advise to get some lessons if you’re a complete newbie to surfing and even if you’ve had some lessons already. As it’s always a good idea to get advice and pointers when and where to go and get the top from your exiting surfing days.
Or, if you prefer you can rent any kind of equipment you need: wetsuits, surfboards ... Just ask us!
Villa Turquesa’s 3 luxury properties are just few minutes away from all of the best surf beaches in Fuerteventura.
We can organise for you a pick-up service in the morning at the villa in order to easily reach the surf school (often the guides choose one of the different fantastic beaches depending on the tiles and the currents). The surf school will provide wet-suites and surfboard for you.
Here are the top 5 surf spots of the island:

  • Flag Beach
    Two kilometres to the South of Corralejo is a very long sandy stretch of beach you’ll find Flag Beach. It’s a beautiful spot flanked by huge rolling sand dunes with volcanic mountains visible in the distance. It’s not only popular with surfers but with kite surfers and windsurfers too. You’ll find a small beach bar and kit and windsurfing centre (Flag Beach Windsurf & Kitesurf Centre) on the beach where you can get some surf lessons. There are beautiful views out to over the turquoise sea of Lanzarote and Los Lobos to the north. It’s a perfect comfortable place for all the family.
  • El Cotillo
    A short walk to the south of the sleepy El Cotillo town you’ll find a great surf spot that has perfect conditions also for beginners in the summer (usually suggested for experienced surfer in winter because of some currents). Down the path from the rocky cliffs there are lovely sandy beach, nice also for no surfers where the waves break over a sandy bottom here and you don’t need to paddle far to catch the waves. There is also a lifeguard on this beach.
  • El Hierro
    Only for quite or very experienced surfers (depending on the sea conditions). It is one of the most famous surfing spots on the island for the reliability of its waves. The waves break over the volcanic reef here and it can be hazardous. You can get to the beach by following the rough dirt track that runs all the way from the centre of Corralejo. Or you can also reach it from Lajares (Calle la Cancela just off the FV-109), North direction. After reaching Majanicho go parallel to the coastline to get to El Hierro beach.
  • Rocky Point
    Just a short walk from the centre of Corralejo you’ll find Rocky Point, a perfect spot for beginners. The wave here breaks over the reef, the main hazard to look out for if you’re surfing here! It can sometimes feel a bit busy here due to the number of newbie surfers taking lessons with surf schools at this spot. The right hand waves break nearest to the shore with the left hand wave further out.
  • Playa Del Moro
    Located near the sand dunes between Corralejo and Puerto del Rosario, it is a great spot for beginners with experience. It’s at its most reliable in summer and is popular with wind surfing, kite surfing and bodyboarding. The main hazard here is avoiding wiping out on the volcanic reef if conditions cause the waves to be big.

These are just 5 of the more than 30 surfing epic points in Fuerteventura for a range of different levels offering up beautiful scenery and awesome surf.