Tips Fuerteventura

The best climate in the world!

A Pearl raised from the ocean

Fuerteventura rise above the water surface about 23 million years ago, which makes it the oldest island of the Canaries. In the 5th century BC. The Phoenicians reached Fuerteventura during their search for purple dye, extracted by sea snails and used in ancient times in royal robes.

Fuerteventura, land of “cabrito” (goat)

But the most curious question is: “Who did drop the first goat?” Probably it was dropped on Fuerteventura somewhere around 1000 BC. by the Phoenician thanks to their entrepreneurial culture. The goat and the famous cheese made with goat milk is still the symbol of the Island.

Fuerteventura second world exporter of aloe vera

Also called the “European Hawaii” for his landscape and beaches, Fuerteventura is also famous for his aloe production, only second to Hawaii in the world. Aloe vera is extensively used in beauty products and for its amazing benefits to skin and hair.

Still wild and secluded

The lack of water near the coast preserved Fuerteventura rom a massive tourism development. In late 20th century surfers felt in love with their waves and naturists with the beauty and secluded sandy beaches.

The best climate in the world

Thanks to the best climate of the world (also recognized by Unesco), it’s always a good season to visit Fuerteventura. The climate is classified as “a hot desert”, where Summers and Winters are quite similar. It’s always pleasantly mild and dry, with temperatures normally between 20 and 30 C degrees.

Thanks Alisios!

Alisios winds bring two important gifts to the Island: a pleasant relief in the summer heat and the incredible bright sand of the Sahara Desert. It flies over the ocean and create soft, and white tropical beaches in this lost Paradise.